The name of Bill Bennett has gone down in the history of gambling forever – he is remembered as a man who managed to “change the face of gambling”. After the death of the businessman who owned the gambling establishment Sahara, this very phrase was used in the vast majority of obituaries that were released after Bill’s death.

Note that Bennett was a famous innovator who managed to initiate a huge number of cardinal changes in the organization of a gambling establishment.

A bit of biography

The hero of our article was born in 1924 in the family of a farmer (Arizona) and, probably, his parents never thought that in the end he would manage to become one of the most influential people in Las Vegas. Bennett served in the US Navy during World War II, and upon returning home, he opens a chain of furniture stores in Phoenix, which sold $ 40 million in 1962.

The profit from the network of outlets is invested in the financial corporation of a friend who was a famous and successful businessman. But it is at this stage that his companion fails and Wilm loses his money.

Having started a new life, Bennett moved to Nevada, where he got acquainted with gambling. His first place of work is the Sahara Tahoe casino, where the hero of the article works as administrators who meet guests. Having worked for barely six months, William takes a leadership position at The Mint Casino. The institution was going through hard times and works at a loss. Bennett manages to do the impossible and turn the casino into a successful and profitable place in just a year.

The owners offer him the post of director at Sahara Tahoe casino in order to raise the financial performance of the gambling establishment. And already in 1971, Bennett left the corporation that owned these gambling houses, and with his partner Bill Pennington opened a company that deals with electronic equipment for เกมคาสิโนออนไลน์.

The first serious successes

Bennett and his partner buy the Circus Circus gambling establishment in Las Vegas 3 years later, with the casino focused on the middle class. The first reform in a gambling establishment was an increase in the salaries of managers, as well as a change in the arrangement of slot machines, the number of which subsequently increased significantly.

Circus Circus is rapidly gaining traction in Vegas and soon enough William opens Circus Circus in Reno. In the 90s, gambling establishments called Excalibur and Luxor were opened, and the construction of each of them cost the investors very serious money.

During this period, Bennett faced serious problems, a split within shareholders, forcing him to sell to Circus Circus. In 1995, he buys Sahara casino, which also takes it to a whole new level.

In December 2002, Bennett passed away at the age of 78, leaving a very serious legacy to his grandson and children. His capital was estimated at $ 600 million. Note that the business of William Bennett lives on today – the Sahara casino is successfully developing in Vegas and annually attracts a huge number of tourists.