Psychologists vying with each other argue that, by his own nature, a person is still a freebie who will never refuse to receive some thing for free, and if the attempt is successful, he will probably try to repeat this attempt. Indeed, we can say with confidence that among domestic gamblers there are openly greedy people, but this applies not only to Russian players.

The malaysia casino administration and its owners are well aware of this from personal experience. After the casino offers its customers all sorts of indulgences or gifts, a huge number of people flock to receive this very gift, and they claim much more than they owe. Note that this is not uncommon in gambling online malaysia, and the desire for profit has its own name – bonus hunting.

How did it happen?

It’s safe to say that bonus hunting appeared almost simultaneously with online casinos. In an effort to attract a client, to attract attention, gambling establishments launched promotions and immediately pulled them up to receive “free money”. This movement has gained a menacing scale in Denmark – it was the local players who opened the season for the hunt for bonuses.

For example, they registered several times in gambling establishments, wagered bonuses on the wager (which, by the way, did not exist everywhere in those distant times) and withdraw funds to their accounts. None of the bonus hunters had any thoughts to play in this casino – this is a well-known fact.

By the way, if the situation had developed a little differently and the hunters would not brag about this way of earning, albeit not entirely honest, right and left, the situation would be different. The apogee happened unexpectedly – a program was released on Danish television, where they literally told about all the secrets of bonus hunters. Actually, this is how this movement was born.

It all ended rather sadly – the bonus hunters managed to get good money, having repeatedly recouped their efforts, but ordinary players, who would definitely not be disturbed by the bonuses, lost the opportunity to use profitable bonuses.

In a number of Scandinavian countries, where the bonus hunting was put on later, loyalty programs were completely closed, in other cases, the promotions became simply unprofitable for the player. Today, the bonus received on the wager needs to be wagered up to 20-40 times, which has no practical meaning, it is simply impractical. User agreements have also become stricter, where the rules for the promotion are prescribed – they stretch over many lines.

How will the industry develop?

There are no loopholes for bonus hunters today, it is safe to say that gambling establishments have won. Yes, there are, of course, oversights, but they are so rare that they can be neglected. Those bonus hunters who earned on casino loyalty programs have remained in history. Yes, they are trying to revive this direction and even try to sell, but these tips and tricks do not give any value to the player. We are for fair gambling.